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Unbelievable Hot Springs +
88 Evolutionary Entrepreneurs
Awakening Our Creativity +
Connecting to Deep Community


Workshops Are Presented By the Community and Chosen By the Community

After Buying Your Ticket, Submit Your Workshop Here.

There will be 24 workshops available over the two days of Eden. We would love for your workshop to be one of them.

You Will Vote On Which of These Gets Presented at Eden. (Yes, that means you have to prepare your workshop whether you present or not. This is a huge gift that will move your entrepreneurial life forward on a quantum level whether you are chosen by the community to present or not.)

The community exists to give you immediate, visceral, actionable feedback that will move you forward in your process.

If you do not have the support of a community to do that, you can’t receive it because you are too much in your ego to receive feedback or you withdraw in fear and do not show up to receive feedback from the community. You are stunted in how much you can learn, grow and evolve. The Tribal Marketplace Game is designed to be the community that will move your great work another step forward in the world.

Lisa Berkovitz & Alexis Neely present
Conscious Communication in Business:
Experience New Paradigm Negotiation
That Feels Great to Everyone

During this session, we will share with you our experience of negotiating, documenting and re-negotiating our working relationship through a series of projects that expanded in scope, expense and timing in a way that felt great to both of us and didn’t cost us very much time or money. This session will guide you to put in place your own conscious agreements with your

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team using a process of deep truth-telling and open-hearted communication for real.

Craig Filek Presents: The Hero’s Journey on
the Entrepreneurial Path of Awakening

Everyone loves a Great Story! Craig will illuminate & hold space for your personal, archetypal path of transformation by mapping your Entrepreneurial Journey – whereEVER you find yourself in the process – to the story framework Joseph Campbell dubbed The Hero’s Journey.

Using epic movies to identify stages of the Hero’s Journey, we’ll trace your entrepreneurial path. We’ll look at your core wound, reframe your painful lessons & clarify the gift you bring back to humanity.

You’ll leave with an http://vodka.riverfronttimes.com/pc-spy-camera-software-dr outline for sharing your epic story – a way to captivate ideal clients by telling a story they resonate with – transforming their lives whether they hire you or not!

To get a taste of the Hero’s Journey, watch this 10-minute video

Alexis and Charu Present Embodiment of the New Feminine Power

Attend this workshop and experience the interplay of the masculine and feminine in union within you as you fully embody the complete connection to yourself as a woman. Explore the fine line, razor’s edge of the intense, focused, determined Kali energy and a masculine way of pushing into http://pinnaclefitnessclub.com/cpr-call-blocker-v201-yztd the world. When you can maintain this line, men and women alike are attracted to your deep authentic powerful self.


Martin Hannon Presents How to Keep Your Balls While In Relationship
With a Powerful Woman

You’ve lost your balls…and you don’t even know it. But she does, and if you’re a good boy, she will occasionally let you play with them. In this age of the ever more powerful Woman, Man is offered the choice to rise and thrive with Woman or slink away in fear. In this workshop, Man will rediscover and reawaken how to keep his Edge and forever keep her in Awe!

And this Woman (Alexis) says YES, Thank you Martin!


Monetize Your Message: You Bring Me Your Vision, I’ll Lay Out the Business Model That is the Next Step For You

This session with Alexis will be laser-focused, hot-seat coaching. Bring your purpose, your vision, your reason for being here and Alexis will laser-in on a business model that you can begin to implement immediately, possibly even before you leave Eden.


YogaSong: Ignite the LOVE song for your life!

Liz Love

YogaSong is an expressive class created to free the voice, body, mind and soul. Liz has studied Voice and Yoga for many years and is excited to share a very unique practice combining the two.

Using Sound Healing techniques and vocal awareness she gently guides in a yogic practice. This invites freedom of the voice while moving the body and an opportunity to connect with others in a sound bath. Liberating the voice while integrating your song with your movement creates a celebration in the unique expression of each individual and the power of sound in a group!

Inner Wisdom Alchemy- How to Transform Your Leaden Blockages into Happy Heart Rocket Fuel

David Kirshbaum

Participants will learn and experience a fun and powerful process they can use over and over to turn any inner struggle into vital energy for growth, happiness, health, wealth, or whatever the heart desires. They should join me because it will blow their minds and hearts wide open and give them a deep sense of connection with Self, Earth, and Spirit.

Perfect Life Visualization Workshop

Chuck Rylant

This workshop will help you create a connection between your business, financial, and family goals, with that of your vision of the perfect life. Often we find ourselves pursuing goals that we’ve been taught we’re “supposed” to be after, but they are not always what are best for our unique lives. This workshop will help you get clear and focused about what you really want out of life and help you begin planning what you need to do to make spy windows 7 phone that happen.

If you’re interested in participating, you’ll get the most out of the workshop if you download, complete, and bring this worksheet with you: http://goo.gl/pGCQz

This workshop is based loosely around my workbook “The Perfect Life Manifesto” that I will be giving away free to participants. You can learn more about the book here: http://goo.gl/9ejbB

Here is a link to a video description of my presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMjiIKRwMDo


Kiva Leatherman

This workshop is pure movement. We will dance together, in community, to a beautiful piece of music called Aral by La Musica de los Dios.

…taking time to explore the musicality of our bodies using simple choreography that anyone can learn.

The result: a shared experience of joy, beauty, and creation. We will experience the ability to quiet our mind and process our experience at Eden by getting into our bodies.

And we’ll laugh. And we’ll feel proud of what we can achieve. And I promise that you need never have danced before to do any of it.

Meditating for a Change

Mark Casey

This workshop allow participants to experience how meditation can be use for transformation. Through time-honored medtitation techniques we are able to drop into the Void. Within the Void we can intentionally plant the seeds of personal and global transformaton within. When done with clarity and deep intention real, lasting change occurs. This workshop with show the participants how to do this and allow them to experience it for themselves. A background in meditation is not required.

Get Your Tribe and Track Clear For Maximum Impact!

Lisa Berkovitz

We each have a profound gift to share, and want to reach as many people with it as possible. However, one of the most common – and detrimental – mistakes evolutionary entrepreneurs make is not getting narrow or specific enough with what tribe they want to reach. Don’t let that be you! If you don’t get specific enough, you won’t reach anyone effectively and you will struggle unnecessarily. In this fun and lively workshop, Lisa will walk you through exactly how to identify the perfect tribe for you – whether best receipt tracker for android you’re just starting out, or are not yet experiencing the results in your business http://lasayadeco.com/iwcj-how-to-get-rid-of-a-phone-tracker.html that you want. You may even end up in the hot seat!

The HeartWisdom Circle, The Wayseer Wise Woman game of the Sacred Feminine in life and leadership

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

I have invented an interactive experiential game that can be played by men and women. Thirteen wise women character, Wise Wayseers, are our guides, and players embody these wayseers and share their wisdom, questions, wit and beauty. The game is a portal to the Sacred Feminine, Mother earth and Cosmic Mother. When you play, you connect to aspects of your own wisdom, and discover yourself at a whole new, and higher level. It is fun, and awesome to hear and play with others, as each emerges as a Wise Wayseer.
It is also like recieving an intuitive reading, from within your heart, and from all the players, and the Facilitator, who is a gifted Wise Woman herself.

You will activate your imagination, and be inspired!

Save Your Money, Save the World – Building a Bridge to the New Economic Paradigm, or The Future of Money

Elisha Celeste

Today more than ever before it is imperative that each of us – especially those of us in the West – embrace money and finance with the full light of our consciousness. You will come away from this workshop with new and profound answers to the question: What is money? You will discover the three kinds of money and their synergistic roles in building a prosperous and sustainable future economy. Most importantly, you will walk away with knowledge of some practical steps you can take right now – as individuals, business owners and communities – to build a bridge from the dying money system in place today to the New Economic Paradigm of the future.

*This workshop can be attended on its own, but will be more fully appreciated if the workshop ‘Money and the Evolution of Consciousness – Past, Present and Future’ is attended first.

An Experiential Journey Through Your 7 Major Chakras Using Your 5 Senses: Delve Deep into Your Body, Your Tribe, The Earth and The Heavens

Michelle McNeill a.k.a Starlight Whisper

Yoga, movement, aromatherapy, music, art, and raw chocolate will be used to transport you on this inner journey.

Money and the Evolution of Consciousness – Past, Present and Future

Elisha Celeste

During this workshop you will come to understand how money has shaped the evolution of consciousness since its inception in the sacred Temples of ancient Greece all the way to the present. You will gain a new appreciation for how and why our evolving consciousness created the modern world we live in today, including our failing money system of debt and corporate banking.

Since our consciousness determines money’s form and function in the world, it is essential that we now begin to mindfully evolve our consciousness so that we can direct our economic future, as individuals and together in community with others. Only through full understanding of our past can we consciously navigate the present and create our future from a place of inspired wisdom and clarity of purpose. You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of economic and spiritual history that very few people possess.

From this unshakable foundation you can then decide how and why to participate in the creation of a future money paradigm that is aligned with humanity’s highest ideals.

*This workshop can be attended on its own, but is meant as a foundation for the workshop ‘Save Your Money, Save the World – Building a Bridge to the New Economic Paradigm, or The Future of Money.”

Buy Your Ticket Here

and then

Submit YOUR Workshop Here


Morgan and Puma April 8, 2011 at 1:00 am

Hi Alexis,

Puma and I have been brainstorming how we can support you. Thank you for holding this vision. As I told you, helping business leaders to become more conscious and conscious leaders to become more business minded is my passion. Of course our path into this discussion is to guide others to become more consciously aware of what they put into their own body.
Here are a few areas we can help:
-We can arrive early and help with set up and transition into Epic Eden
-We can help with event organization
-We will promote the event to our list, perhaps a teleseminar could be effective
-We can lead a workshop on “Digesting the New Business Paradigm” How to be healthy and wealthy; wisely. In this play shop we will explore the role of vibrant health in operating a successful business. We combine Puma’s extensive experience in digestive wellness with my 30 years of entrepreneurial background to show how much fun it can be doing something you love when it supports your own well-being and that of your employees and customers.

Let me know what else we can do.

Much Love and Gratitude,

Pratchya August 28, 2012 at 10:34 am

Alexis is out of sugrery and at her mom’s house.The sugrery went perfectly, the only minor “complication” was that her muscle for her thumb had “slipped” between her bones. So it was actually a VERY good thing to have the sugrery done. They moved the muscle back to it’s correct possition and “plated” her bones. As expected, she now has 2 plates and 12 screws in her little arm…Uncle Mike was there from beginning to end, Alexis was VERY pleased to have her “BIG” Uncle there. She really loves him and I think she feels even more “safe” when he is around 😉 Thanks bro, I owe you HUGE !!!! You ROCK !!!She woke up in a LOT of pain so they gave her some medications for that right away. She is doing very well now and will have to take it really easy for a few days as she is sore. The pain is mainly due to them having to “move” things around in her arm. As long as she is well taken care of at her mom’s (cross fingers and anything else you can !!!) she should be ok.I will be excstatic next week when I get my kids back, I already know Alexis is missing me being there to take care of her. It’s a shame Alexis’ “mother” can’t see what is best for her daughter right now… But I think we all know “she” will never change….I’ll let you all know what else happens, but for now we are done with the major process. The remaining plan is that Alexis will be in this post-op temporary cast for 2 weeks. Then she will be seen by the doctor and if all is going well (as it should), Alexis will get a removable cast. This will allow her to play her flute and take showers more easily. She will have to wear the cast as much as possible for 2 to 4 weeks to allow the bones to fully heal. After that time-frame she will be “good to go” and can get back to normal activities. She will have to keep away from impact sports for 3 to 4 months (football was the example so I don’t think we have anything to worry about). In 6 to 9 months (maybe as long as a year) she will have to have another sugrery to remove the plates and screws but we will cross that bridge much later.Thanks for all of your warm wishes and support that you all have offered to Alexis. It means a lot to her. And Uncle Mike, we can’t thank you enough…BA