Unbelievable Hot Springs +
88 Evolutionary Entrepreneurs
Awakening Our Creativity +
Connecting to Deep Community

Who You’ll Meet

First and foremost, you will meet yourself – the real, true, clear YOU.

In the old paradigm, I’d use this space here to feed your ego, using ‘social proof’ to show you all the other cool kids joining us at Eden. I would do this to manipulate you into feeling as if you would be missing out if you don’t attend. The new paradigm does not manipulate – we won’t use that here. Instead, we’ll remind you that you can trust exactly the right people will be at Eden with us. This is your invitation to relax into the flow and just enjoy what unfolds, together. Truthfully, you do not need to know who will be there. It’s not about who, it’s about what: Relaxing into the flow. If you need re-assurance, because our community is new to you, then check out the line-up below… we’d love you to join us, and let us know if you’d like us to add you to the list! Because, what’s most true is that, at Eden, you will meet yourself. Reflected in 88 faces.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”~ Jim Rohn

The Evolutionary Entrepreneurs You’ll Meet at Eden

Alexis Neely

Alexis Neely built multiple million dollar plus endeavors, published a bestselling book and appeared on many of the top television shows as a legal expert, all while raising two kids and diving into the path of awakening. Today, she is a truth-telling lawyer and evolutionary strategist consulting with entrepreneurs on how to build sustainable, make a difference businesses around who they are and how they want to serve through her ground-breaking Money Map technology and her LIFT Foundation System. Follow Alexis on Twitter at www.twitter.com/AlexisNeely and receive 4 eye-opening free gifts that will guide you to build a sustainable, profitable, entrepreneurial business around who you are and what you love to do at http://www.EyesWideOpenLife.com.

Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold is a modern day Shaman and master healer. Born with the profound gift of being highly energetically sensitive, Russell had a mystical experience at the age of twenty that awakened him to a reality he never could have imagined. Life then took him on a journey of discovering how to integrate his awakening into daily life, work and relationships. He now expertly guides others on the path of integration. As you go through your own awakening process, you may find challenges come up with integration into the reality of your own life. How do you live what you know is true in a world when what is true for you is so foreign to most everyone else? When you engage with Russell, he will guide

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you to unravel the stress, tension and fear that may have kept you from living the life you know is really possible. Over the last fifteen years, Russell has become a master of his craft through personally helping thousands of people including many of the leaders you know in the world of spirituality/personal development, such as Debbie Ford, Marcelyne Dyer, Arielle Ford and Andrew Harvey. Now, you can access Russell’s shamanic healing work here at Eden Hot Springs.

Rebecca Astara

Rebecca is a long time resident of Arizona and a perpetual Entrepreneur. With many successful businesses in her wake, her current support company, Destination Bliss, promotes conscious people, places, and products and produces transformational retreats, workshops and conferences. She co-creates magical experiences and adventures with

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many top speakers, musicians, healers and chefs. A long-term Eden Hot springs lover and contributor, Rebecca serves as co-producer and hostess for Eden UnPlugged. http://www.destinationbliss.com

Craig Filek

Craig is a paradox… wrapped in an enigma… with a side of Thai peanut sauce. Since he & Alexis met in 2006 their paths have woven around one another’s like a DNA helix – never quite touching, but uniquely entwined. Finally in August last year their paths converged. Something was shifting. Alexis helped Craig launch his Great Work – www.PurposeMapping.com – by hosting the first live workshop in her home. Craig helped Alexis launch her Great Work – of integrating Life + Business – both through guiding her Purpose Mapping journey, and through marketing & leadership support in her various enterprises. Craig turns 35 on May 12th (and is stoked to party at Epic Eden with everyone – join us!) Eden marks a major milestone for Craig as a decidedly Evolutionary Entrepreneur: “This is the realization of a vision long held. Living into it is the best birthday present ever!”

Joy Light

Joy Light gratefully serves as co-producer and hostess for Eden UnPlugged. “My life forever transformed the first time I stepped foot on the land of Eden and soaked in Eden’s waters.” For the past six years, Joy has organized revolutionary retreats at Eden Hot Springs for thousands of guests, bringing together top speakers, educators, healers and chefs from around the globe. Her devotion to this land and its inhabitants assists her in creating a safe, fun and sacred space where individual and collective paradigm shifts can occur.

Elijah Ray

+Elijah- is the founder and co-creator of the Band of Light Experience, with over a decade of experience as a performer, healer, and recording artist. He has toured his inspiring and transformational music around the world to growing audiences throughout the USA, Amsterdam, and Australia. Also celebrated worldwide, is his creation of the soundtrack for “The Indigo Evolution”, a documentary released by Internationally acclaimed author, James Twyman. At a Band of Light Experience, +Elijah- invites us all to realize that we are all “in the band” as he weaves together a musical tapestry of co-creation and participation. +Elijah- invites you to participate in a very special Band of Light Experience at Eden UnPlugged.

Eric Zang

Over the years, Zang has immersed himself in the study of a wide variety of musical traditions, with a focus on music of the Middle East and Africa through the oud, kaval, kalimba along with various hand percussion styles from around the world. Constantly refining his masterful technique, Zang brings with him a long history of studio engineering. http://www.ericzang.com

Porangui McGrew

Originally from Brazil, Porangui brings a vast array of sounds and textures as an international multi-instrumentalist, dj and healer drawing upon his diverse cultural background and experience. At Eden UnPlugged, Porangui along with Eric Zang offers an epic concert for all to enjoy. Porangui also offers “Myorhythmic release” – a form of deep bodywork. Poranguí’s work as a licensed therapist combines the healing properties of sound & movement as an integral part of our physical, emotional and energetic well-being.Experienced in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, his education includes over twelve years of study and practice with an interdisciplinary degree from Duke University in Integrative Health. http://www.porangui.com

Jahsah & KaRa Ananda

Jahsah and KaRa offer their “Aqua Alchemy” at Eden UnPlugged. Aqua Alchemy is a profound healing experience of being gently supported while floating in the warm Eden hotsprings as two therapists, Jahsah & KaRa gently facilitate the balancing of your core, the release of shock and trauma from the nervous system and the ignition of your own primal healing power. Alchemical sound healing is integral to the session as you hear didgeridoo, toning, crystal bowls and tuning forks entraining your body’s vibrational healing system while you float peacefully listening to the gentle sounds surround your body. Jahsah & KaRa are co-Facilitators of Transformation and co-founders of Circles of Alchemy. http://www.circlesofalchemy.org/

Jade Beall

Jade Twilite Beall has been practicing bodywork since 1999. Jade studied massage therapy and graduated from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bodywork is not a job for Jade. It is part of her passion for life. Jade’s unique style of bodywork is a mixture of deep tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish infused with vast amount of unconditional love. Her mission is to reflect her recipient deep, unconditional self-love and beauty thru the connection of healing touch on the sacred juicy muscles of the body. Jade is in love with the human form and individual Spirit and looks forward to every session she has the honor of giving at the Eden UnPlugged retreat. http://www.JadeBeall.com

Melissa Mango

Miss Mango serves the most Epic Elixirs pool side for this Eden UnPlugged retreat. Nourish and hydrate yourself with your choice of hot or cool drinks, Kombucha cocktails and Amazon Herbal shots in their ultra cozy, shady pool side lounge. A few sample elixirs that will be served include:

  • Eden’s Quantum Quencher: Premier Research Lab’s Aloe, orange juice, meyer lemon, Eden’s salt and liquid stevia
  • Chocolate Pillow top: Spirit potion tea, raw cacao, hemp, Arizona honey, cinnamon, vanilla, lacuma and maca
  • Mango’s Mojo: Mango Kombucha, fresh mint, Arizona honey and lime

Author of Melissa Mango’s Green Cuisine and Wholesome Momma, Melissa has been featured in Get Fresh Magazine and on G-living TV. Based in Santa Cruz, Melissa Mango’s Green Cuisine home delivery service and catering is thriving! Serving Humanity wicked good stuff since 2001! http://melissamangosgreencuisine.blogspot.com/ Sean Stuchen Professional Photographer, Sean Stuchen captures our entire Epic UnPlugged Retreat so that you can let go and enjoy the journey. Hailing from the beautiful state of Arizona, Sean first picked up a camera at the age of 15 and displayed a natural instinct for capturing the true essence of everything he photographed. Today Sean is still creating magic. He has the innate ability to reveal the core of what he observes through the lens. http://www.SeanStuchen.com

Erin Schumacher, RYT-200

Erin’s yoga connection goes back to childhood and at the age of 18, she experienced a life-transforming moment on her yoga path that inspired her to move beyond practice into a mental, emotional and spiritual

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awakening. She has deepened her practice through the art of teaching. Erin offers a daily power yoga class at Eden UnPlugged suitable for all levels of experience.

Kirsten Gum

Internationally recognized journalist, television host, gourmet raw food chef and certified instructor, Kirsten Gum has dedicated her life to seeking knowledge and relaying it to the masses. Her fun loving spirit and passion for extreme experiences have helped her build an unconventional career first in television adventure travel and now with the healing power of food. Born in rugged Alaska and raised on an apple orchard in Washington, Kirsten has always been connected to the earth. It was her love for the outdoors and adventure which led Kirsten to a successful television career and traveling the globe. She has her own show “Treasure Hunter” on the Travel Channel and hosts Discovery HD Theater’s “What’s My Car Worth”. Kirsten serves as Lead Chef at Eden UnPlugged bringing you delicious vegetarian cuisine (both raw and cooked versions)!http://experienceraw.com

Celeste Ford

Celeste practices as a registered massage therapist in BC, Canada and has completed advanced training in craniosacral therapy, Reiki and ThetaHealing™. By balancing direct myofascial techniques with subtle hands on methods, Celeste will open a dialogue with the nervous system and the body with the intention of harnessing the innate self-corrective powers to restore original health and vitality. She has discovered that powerful and lasting changes can be created through gentle processes, especially when we take the time to fully listen to what is happening and invite healing to be swift, gentle and easy!

Julie Rogers

Julie has worked extensively with a wide variety of clientele sharing her rich background as a yogini, registered nurse, colon hydrotherapist, QRA Practitioner, teacher and Master of Pilates. She incorporates over 25 years of experience in the field of health and fitness. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to being fit from the inside-out and generously shares her experience with others. At Eden UnPlugged, Julie will be offering colon hydrotherapy utilizing Eden’s healing waters.


Rawsheed, one of the countries finest raw/living foods culinary artists, is expanding his experience as a gourmet Raw Food’s chef into the marketing of his prepared raw foods into health food and grocery chains and restaurants throughout California. Combining his 17 years of experience as a raw foods alchemist with his knowledge of health and nutrition, Rawsheed has now made available products for the larger community of individuals interested in taking the next step in their personal health and nutrition. Rawsheed launched his packaged food-line, this past Spring in local Southern California health food stores including Erewhon, Co-Opportunity, Follow Your Heart,

PC Greens, One Life Food, VP Discount, Belmont Heritage and O Happy

Days in the Los Angeles area as well as Orange County and San Diego stores. He has now expanded into the upper-mainstream and nationwide chain of Whole Foods Grocers. Rawsheed is on

the cutting edge of sharing these lifestyle changing foods to the millions of Americans who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their health through improved dietary habits. He is excited to make his first pilgrimage to Eden as well as be sharing his culinary gifts in guest chefing one on our meals!

Martin Hannon

The word Martin translated means warrior….and he is. As the founder of the Men’s Tantra Circle which meets twice weekly in Los Angeles, Martin moves through every aspect of

his life with a sense of pride and masculinity that has been all but lost in our culture today.

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His presence serves as an inspiration for the potential of all men. One of the greatest issues in relationship today is that modern men and women have been taught to neutralize their ‘charge’- to become more alike and ‘get along smoothly’. Martin fearlessly invites and guides men to rediscover what it truly is to be a man, and from that place walk authentically in the world and experience the magnificence of Woman.” Over the last 10 years, Martin has studied Tantra with Bodhi Avinasha, Dawn Cartwright, Rundy Duphiney, and Bernie Prior. Furthermore, he has done extensive work and study around re-discovering man’s true role in life and relationship with the Men’s Division International, where he defined himself as a leader among men. He is passionate about loving his woman Charu, founder of Embody Tantra, and sharing the wisdom they are discovering together with the world. Check out what Martin offers at Men’s Tantra Circle.

Osiris Ishpa Palo

Osiris Ishpa Palo is 1st Generation American born and raised in the NYC Metro Area. His conscious Spanish Hip Hop style is delivered with fire, passion,and wisdom bridging the worlds of Heaven and Earth. Osiris embodies a seed of change in our culture with deep Cuban and Colombian Ancestral roots. At Eden UnPlugged, his original music and mixes will raise your vibration and allow you the opportunity to dance with your shadow while setting it free. Inspired by his own healing journey, Osiris is dedicated to the awakening and transformation of Humanity while reminding us of empowerment through Self Love. For a sampling of Osi’s musical offerings visit: http://soundcloud.com/osiris-ishpa-palo

Thalyn Nikolau

Thalyn is a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and an ongoing student/teacher in the University of Life. From mainstage Musicals with PCPA Theaterfest to Shakespeare at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, from Improv Comedy with the InsPirates to winning the Maui Poetry Slam Championship…twice, this all-purpose Bard brings 15 years of professional theatre artistry to the stage. Thalyn’s genre-spanning creative arts experience has culminated in the creation of the InsPirates. This Mytheatric Comedy Crew has been inspiring mainland and island audiences for 4 years with their multi-dimensional flair of interactive entertainment. All the while surfing his purpose as a freelance performer, writer, director, creative consultant, teacher, healer, and InsPirate at large. At Eden UnPlugged he brings his piece of peace for all to dive into deeply. For more information visit http://www.quantumplayer.com

Rachelle Anslyn

Rachelle Anslyn is known for thinking big and living an extraordinary life. Her passion for being authentic, creative, and vibrant has taken her to explore the depths of what is possible. She has traveled over 30 countries to work with clients, for volunteer aide, to study with yoga masters, and for the delight of cultural wisdom. Rachelle has studied over 100 different dietary theories and learned straight from leading health experts and doctors such as Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Sally Fallon, Mark Hyman, David Wolfe and many, many more. Rachelle graduated in 2009 from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Her mindset mastery came from attending The School for The Work of Byron Katie in New York City in 2001. The following year, Rachelle staffed The School working directly with Byron Katie in Los Angeles. Rachelle has also studied with yoga masters around the globe in several traditions including Kundalini, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Vibrant Living Yoga and Yoga Synergy. Through her experience with self inquiry, yoga, nutrition and the healing arts, Rachelle has cultivated a full spectrum mastery of living a vibrant purposeful life.

David Kirshbaum

David is here to peacefully, compassionately, and humorously help the world evolve. Naturally intense and sensitive, he has devoted nearly two decades to transforming his inner challenges into fuel for growth, and developing the capacity and skills to

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hold space for others to transform their own lives. He founded his healing business Empowerment Bodywork in 2008. This pioneering young man is on his way to fully accepting and embracing the roles of teacher and leader, as long as they don’t interfere with enjoying his life. He is discovering a profound passion for connecting with people who desire to live in balance and harmony with the world and within themselves. He also remains forever a student, a child, a lover, an artist, a mystic, a hermit, a poet, a shaman, and a goof. He is reclaiming his love for creating and playing music. David grew up in Houston and has lived in Bloomington, Indiana for the last 15 years. He has received professional certification in therapeutic massage and advanced training in Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique. David has also learned privately and in small groups with numerous individuals in the areas of functional anatomy, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Kung, postural alignment, shamanic consciousness, herbology, Hopi wisdom, wilderness awareness, dreaming, story improv, energy work, and sound healing. David likes to help people feel good. He also likes to let others help him feel good. The journey continues.