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Order 2

Order 2

For Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Healers, Lightworkers,
Wayseers, Thought Leaders & All-Around World Changers 

May 8 – May 11, 2011

Join Us at Eden Unplugged Where We Will
Come Together to Birth the New Paradigm of Conscious Business

You can hear and feel the call to something bigger.  You know you are here to serve the world.  So, are you ready to start already?
The time is now!  You know it, you can feel it, and now it’s time for us to stop talking about it, stop reading about it, stop thinking about it, stop planning about it and start living it.  Together.  For real.

The only way it is going to happen is for us to show up.

We invite you to participate and pay what you can.  Here are your options:


The self-sufficient ticket option is for those of you who can handle your own camp set up.  You have a tent and sleeping bag or an RV and you are ready to set up your own camp.  There are three options for your self-sufficient ticket.

$333 – Low Income Ticket

This ticket is for those of you who are experiencing super tight cash flow.  This ticket covers the cost of your food and basic event staffing.  After the event, when you start making the money you deserve for the new found value you will be aware of, we ask that you make a patron contribution to support low income and scholarship tickets in the future.
Order the Low Income Ticket

$697 – Original Ticket

This ticket is for those of you who are handling things financially and want to help us profit on the event, not just cover our very basic costs, because you know we will use the profit to fund good things like future sustainable community events we can all enjoy.
Order the Original Ticket

$999 – Money Map Ticket

We will be launching the Money Map Home Study course (a program that guides you to deep truth about what you really want, what it will cost you to create it, the resources available to you and how to build a business model around that truth once you have discovered it) at an investment of up to $1,997 in May after Eden.  If you invest in a $999 Money Map Ticket, you get BOTH a ticket to Eden and the Money Map Home Study course.  If you are going to get the Money Map anyway, just get it now and come to Eden for free.  Plus, by allowing Eden to be more profitable, we can give more scholarships.
Order the Money Map Ticket

Eden Luxe

If you are not a camper, no worries -we’ve got you covered.

We have 5 tents and a casita that we will turn into your home away from home for up to 13 people.  If you snag one of our tents or the casita, we will set you up with a comfortable bed almost like you were in a hotel or your bed at home. Each tent has two double beds and the casita has three double beds.

You can book your Eden Luxe bed below:

$999 – Low-Income Ticket

Even if you are not flush with cash or credit and you have a hard time camping, we still want you to join us.
Order the Low Income Ticket

$1297 – Original Ticket

If you can afford it, please choose this option as these tickets will support our sustainability by allowing this event to be profitable.
Order the Luxe Original Ticket

$1599 – Money Map Ticket

If you have not yet gone through the Money Map to Freedom program, this is the time to grab it because you get a HUGE discount off the investment when we launch after Eden.  It’s like coming to Eden free.
Order the Luxe Money Map Ticket

Buy Out a Whole Tent – $2000

If you are bringing your family or a group of friends and you want to buy out the entire tent, you can do that right here.  You have a full ten-person tent set up just for you and your family with 2 (or more) double mattresses, all the bedding you need, sheets, towels, blankets, and total love.  Feel free to have a big slumber party with as many people as you want to fit into the tent and split the cost.
Buy Out A Full Tent

Be a Patron

Can’t make it to the event?

Invest in a Scholarship Ticket for an
Evolutionary Entrepreneur In Current Financial Need

$333 – Covers the basic attendance costs for one evolutionary entrepreneur
Sponsor a Basic Scholarship

$999 – Covers upgraded accommodations for one evolutionary entrepreneur
Sponsor an Advanced Scholarship

These scholarship tickets will be given away as they become available. To apply for a scholarship ticket, please send us a link to a video or a blog post letting us know how attending Eden on scholarship will change your life.

Donate to Make This Event Sustainable

Covering our basic costs does not make this event sustainable, it simply means it is not a losing proposition for us to host an event for evolutionary entrepreneurs on the sacred land of Eden.

The new paradigm is about the triple win – I win, you win, we win. There is no deal that does not create a win for everyone. There is no us or them, there is only we.

If you would like to contribute to the triple win of Eden because you cannot attend yourself or because you have the resources to contribute to this endeavor and want to see it continue, donate here:

Getting to Eden From the Airport

Eden Hot Springs is located close to the town of Thatcher, Arizona ~  just west of Safford.  It is located northeast of Tucson and southeast of Phoenix heading east towards New Mexico.  It is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from the Tucson Airport and a 3 hour drive from the Phoenix Airport. (See Map below.)

You are certainly welcome to rent a car or RV to drive the 3 hours to Eden. Airport Shuttle Service is also available – from PHX to Eden – for both Sacred Service tickets & Guest tickets.

Shuttle Pick-up at PHX

  • Sacred Service – shuttle will pick you up on May 6th at 12-noon at PHX
  • Guests – shuttle will pick you up on May 8th at 12-noon at PHX

Shuttle Return to PHX

  • Eden Unplugged Shuttle will return to PHX on May 11th “around” 3pm
  • Epic Eden Shuttle will return to PHX on May 15th “around” TBA
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