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What You’ll Experience

Unbelievable Hot Springs +
88 Evolutionary Entrepreneurs
Awakening Our Creativity +
Connecting to Deep Community

What You’ll Experience

The New Paradigm of Conscious Business

Eden Unplugged is a launchpad for a collective exploration of what it means to be conscious entrepreneurs in the 21st century – what we’ve dubbed evolutionaries.  Evolutionary means “continual work in progress,” a commitment to learning and growth from every experience and a further commitment to teach what is learned.

When 88 entrepreneurs living their lives within this paradigm unplug from their businesses and come together on sacred land, the evolutionary impulse can birth something through us that we are all restlessly pregnant with.  We cannot do it alone, that is why we must convene in community.

If this is where you are called to be, this is how you will be met when you get here.

Eden Unplugged is focused on three themes

  • Integration: Bring together all parts of yourself – your whacky, nutty, goofy, dancing, playing self with your business-y, visionary, entrepreneurial self – and love all of it.  You no longer need to be one person in business and another in life. You can be who you really are all the time.  Integration.
  • Awakening: Awakening has become the easy part; the challenge is living that awakening in our daily lives.  Together, we will learn to live our awakening and be present with the truth of what’s real and love it, even when it’s challenging.  This is what creates flow and connects you to your superpowers.
  • Birthing the New Paradigm: If not us, who?  If not now, when?  We are the people who must come together to heal the planet. We must do it within the new paradigm of the both/and, collaboration and community.  Eden is where we begin.

This is an experiential event in which we will create the container and you will bring the experience.  You are invited to bring YOUR gift, YOUR light, YOUR superpowers.  We will provide the container and guide you to take it all to another level.  If you aren’t sure of your gift, can’t see your light or use your superpowers yet, you will after you leave Eden.

Your Hosts

Eden Unplugged is brought to you by the evolutionary impulse within Alexis Neely, Russell Feingold, Craig Filek, Rebecca Astara, Joy Love Light, Goddess Chef Kirsten Gum (out of this world!), the evolutionaries attending in Sacred Service to you, the land, spirit and their hearts and the land of Eden herself.

Unlike regular business retreats, Eden Unplugged is experiential. You’ll learn by doing, feeling, embodying rather than by sitting in a chair and taking notes.

In a Nutshell, You Want to Be Here If

You not only love being with evolutionary entrepreneurs who are committed to transformation of themselves and then the world, but you feel feel as if there is no place you would rather be. You want to be around more people who are saying yes to living in the new paradigm of the both/and, community, collaboration, integration, awakening, authenticity, spirit, soul, body, heart and business.

The Structure of the Event

Sunday, May 8th: Arrive at Eden between noon and 4p.  Set up camp or let us set up camp for you.  Join us for dinner, then orientation to the land, the tribe, and receive a deep sound healing to seal in our container.

Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th:

Both days have the same structure.  Each morning before breakfast will be movement, such as Yoga or 5 Rhythms type dance.  After breakfast will be a choice of 4 sessions, one of which will always be soaking in the big pool, listening to the DJ, amazing healthy, organic drinks from the elixir bar and communing and connecting with others. You may also catch a massage by the pool.

The other 3 sessions in each block are led by the community and chosen by the community.  Submit your proposed workshop here.

Throughout each day there will be 4 session blocks, 2 integration circles and lunch.  Each of the session blocks will offer workshops presented by the community that will give you the training you need to activate your superpowers and prepare to lead in the emerging paradigm.  (You do know we are in training, right?  Bring your skills to share and receive those you don’t have yet during the sessions presented by the community OR spend all day relaxing in the pool and attend whichever workshops are delivered there.)

Each night, after a delicious vegan/vegetarian/organic meal, we will gather again for dance and play and theater and ritual and music that is beyond the beyond.  Trust me on it.

Imagine soaking in the hot pool under the stars and moonlight watching an exclusive concert by amazing musicians who hold the incredible space of love and heart.  Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.  No, even better.

Wednesday, May 11th:

Morning movement, breakfast and then closing ceremony to anchor in your new awarenesses.  You will leave having created a sacred contract with the community and yourself.  You will be more supported than you have ever been before in honoring that agreement or consciously re-negotiating the terms.

Either leave the land by noon or stay on for the rest of the week at Epic Eden and drop in to an even deeper level of relaxation.

What You’ll Leave With

Whether you spend all day at the pools, present a workshop or attend as many sessions as you can, you will leave with deep awareness about who you are, why you are here, what your next steps are, and the exact next level training you need to usher in the new paradigm that is emerging through us and on the verge of speeding up even more.

You will leave with the ability to both keep up AND slow down while you do it.