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What is Eden Unplugged?

Unbelievable Hot Springs +
88 Evolutionary Entrepreneurs
Awakening Our Creativity +
Connecting to Deep Community

What is Eden Unplugged?

Eden Unplugged Is Where We Show Up In Community to Give, Receive and Gather to Birth the New Paradigm of Conscious Business.

Real community, the re-union of your tribe, like you’ve been longing for.

88 evolutionaries (entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurs) coming together at the most amazing hot springs, on lush land far from noise and clutter, to integrate the life you really want – and the business that will support that life – in a place you’ll feel more connected than you ever have before.

We are going to completely unplug together. Unplug… and connect in …

… connect in to Source energy

… connect in to the Truth of who you really are, what you REALLY want and how you really want to Be in the world

… to the brilliant Hearts & Minds of 88 Evolutionaries who will see you, support you & FULLY love you – for who you are in your heart

… to a way of knowing and loving yourself more deeply than you ever have before, and

… high-level, yet grounded-in-practical-REALITY training & practices designed to evolve your life + business to a level you may not’ve even imagined yet!

Isn’t it time for us to stop talking about living this integration of love, business, heart, mind, body, soul, and truth and start really experiencing it?

Eden is where it happens.  We will do it together.

At Eden you will decompress & unplug from the external stimuli that has kept you from accessing or experiencing your Authentic self.

As you step onto the land, you will access a living intelligence that moves you beyond the mind and into who you have always known you are.

Deep healing, heart-opening & mind-expanding experiential processes, discussions about life + business in the hot pool, phenomenal live music & dancing, deep, intense ritual and ceremony around the bonfire  – all in the midst of the Land of the Gods.

Be more, feel more and step into the new paradigm of a deeply integrated life + business.

Why Should I Attend?

Because it’s time to stop talking about living the new paradigm and to start living it!

Open communication.  Truth-telling.  Stepping up as a leader.  Living in community in harmony.

These are the realities of the new paradigm and it’s time to learn by living it out-loud for days on end. There’s no other way.

We have to put down the books, get out from behind the computer, get off the phone & come together to be what we say we want.  For real.

Eden is where we do it.  And if you can feel the call in your heart, from your soul … we want you there.

NOTE: Due to the rustic environment, this event is NOT for everyone.  But if it is for you, you know it.  I don’t have to say another word, so I will bow deeply, and hold space for you in my heart until we meet at Eden… and beyond!